Let’s work together

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By The Staff

Please, to the city of Eminence, let’s work together for the future of all residents.

I just have to say something about our fire department. We are most fortunate to have a well trained group of men who can respond in a timely manner. We, my late husband and I, experienced a house fire a few years ago. We were not home, yet the department was on the job, and still here when we arrived home. The fire was confined to the front porch and smoke. They checked the attic thoroughly and there was minimal damage due to the expertise of our firemen. Of course they need first rate equipment, not only to protect us, but themselves, and ongoing training whenever necessary.

I have nothing but respect for our men in uniform risking their safety/life and that includes our police department as well. We do have 24-hour on-duty officers.   Thank you so much.

And we should never forget our ambulance service and helipad. How fortunate we are to live in this community.

Last, in the upcoming council election, voters, we need a variety of residents that can work in harmony to make things happen. Understanding that not everything can be done with small town funds. But make the best decisions for the community as a whole. I support our chosen representatives to make those decisions in a mannerly order.

Fran Kelley, Eminence