Let's think like adults, not children

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

During the Eminence City Council meeting Monday night, two city council members were lauded for sticking to their guns and their original votes on the issue of the city's swimming pool.

They should be commended. Sticking to one's beliefs in the face of a room full of folks with opinions on both sides of the issue is an admirable attitude.

Some questioned, however, what example the remaining city council members set for the children of the city - those four who voted not to proceed with a contract with Our Backyard Leisure for the repair of the pool. In the meeting, they were chastised by people who insinuated that they do not care for children.

Call me an optimist, but somehow, I doubt that. Each one of the four has children; I'm sure each cares deeply for his or her own children, as well as the children of Eminence. To lambaste them for setting a poor example is hasty.

I'd suggest a slightly different look. In his comments earlier in the evening, council member Danny Meadows said the entire process hadn't been conducted properly from the start.

Admitting you are wrong requires as much courage as "sticking to your guns." For an elected official to do so takes a particular brand of inner fortitude.

What kind of example does that set for children? It is a good one. It's a particularly good example when you say things should, not could, have been done differently - and more effectively.

It says that admitting you were wrong is OK - perhaps better than forging blindly ahead. And in this case, what's right and what's wrong depends entirely upon your perspective.

I admire the passion folks have on both sides of this issue. What I don't admire is the name-calling, vindictiveness and politicking that has been done - also on both sides. The behavior has been, quite honestly, childish. Perhaps we should ask what kind of example that behavior sets for children.

Just because folks object to spending a quarter of a million dollars on the pool does not make them bad people, nor does it mean they don't care about children.

It's a shame that some people believe that in rethinking its decision, the city is abandoning its children. Perhaps that's precisely who they're thinking about.