Letter to the editor

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First, allow me to congratulate the committee who organized this year’s Harvest Showcase for another job well done.  

I must bring to light a situation that took place that has caused a bit of a problem for some of the elected officials and candidates who made an effort to come out to the event.

In past years, political candidates have been allowed to speak at the Henry County Harvest Showcase.

In fact, just two years ago, Judge Executive John Logan Brent said, as he introduced candidates, that he “envisioned Harvest Showcase as a friendlier Fancy Farm,” when he was introducing the Congressional candidates.

Several Republican, Democrat, and non-partisan candidates, as well as elected officials were present at Saturday’s “Friendlier Fancy Farm,” and yet no one was allowed to get up and speak. Chief among those present were Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer (R), State Rep Rick Rand (D), along with non-partisan Supreme Court Justice Michelle Keller, Commonwealth Attorney Courtney Baxter, Judicial Candidates Tim Feeley, Michael Pate, Alison Jones and Justine Sanders, in addition to the county candidates who were present.   

I was asked by several candidates when they would be able to speak.  I went and spoke with the Judge-Executive and was told no one was going to speak.   He attributed it to time constraints (the same time constraints as in previous years), and while he was emceeing the event, he said he wasn’t going to allow himself to talk either.

Several of these candidates came a good distance to introduce themselves to the people of Henry County and left a little frustrated.   Friendlier Fancy Farm indeed.  You have to wonder why the change.  Could it be because it is a county election year?

As Chairman of the Henry County Republican Party, I object to this censorship on behalf of all the candidates, Republican, Democrat, and non-partisan alike, who made a point of coming out to Harvest Showcase.

 —Jon Park

Chairman, Henry County Republican Party