Letter gave hope for younger generation

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By The Staff

I am writing in support of Alexandra Guidry's proposal published in last week's Local. She gave me hope for the younger generation when she advocated for door-to door recycling. I appreciated her idea very much, though I suspect we are a long way from having our recyclables picked up at our doors.

However, why can't we have a decent recycling center in Henry County? The center in Shelbyville is an example of one that seems to work very well. It is staffed from Tuesdays through Saturdays by people who immediately come out to help patrons empty their recyclables into the proper bins. It is clean, organized and well run and has prevented tons and tons of trash from being dumped into landfills.

I suppose there are those who consider recycling a minor issue compared to others that our community faces. But trash blowing in the wind, garbage dumps, overflowing dumpsters and littered roadways affect us in ways that we may not think about. The amount of trash generated by our throwaway society is monumental. As Alexandra pointed out in her letter, new discoveries every day are figuring out how much of it can be turned into other usable products.

Thanks, Alexandra. I appreciate your concern for the environment. Keep up the good work!

Marian T. Call