Letter to Heaven

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By The Staff

Another year has come and gone but my heart still feels very sad and lonely. On November 8 last year God called someone home very dearly to me. I know she's dancing with Jesus now and all her worries are gone. And I feel her preence with everyday. But it is still not the same seeing that smiling face and feeling the warmth of her touch. She was everything you would want from a very special lady. I hope she knows that my heart still lones for her every day. Life is not the same anymore but I know she would tell me Libby don't cry for me, stand up adn be srong and take care of yourself. I'll see you again some day and we'll share all the stories again. Aunt Beatrice Dixie I want to say I love you and miss you dearly. And tell you Merry Christmas and please put an ornament on the heavenly tree for me. And please tell Jesus thank you for taking care of you for me.

Love ya Aunt Bet.

Libby Durrett, Campbellsburg