Letter to a litterer

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By The Staff

On a beautiful spring morning as I was traveling down Bullitt Hill Road on my way to work, I was enjoying the bright green of the new landscape. Then, something caught my eye on the side of the road. Not wild flowers nor dogwood blossoms nor redbud sprigs, but a fresh, garish orange and white McDonalds bag! A few rolls of the wheels on the opposite side was a red Miller carton (empty for certain). Bright colors, but ugly trash!

Litterer, do you not have a trash bag? Would it be just as easy to retain the throwaways until you get home? Does the time it takes to roll down your window for the toss save any? Did you ever consider the attention involved away from your driving skills, especially on Bullitt Hill, constitute a safety hazard? Wonder what your vehicle floor looks like? Do you pay for trash pick-up? Have you missed the point of having a trash pick-up and disposal program? But I guess your idea of disposal speaks for itself.

Our organization observes Stewardship Week in April of each year, so these incidents make me even more concerned about the mind set of some Henry County residents who continue to deface their world as if they have no responsibility whatsoever toward its preservation. The Henry County Conservation District believes strong stewardship of our natural resources can only bring about a strong future for all who live and work here.

You have been informed over and over of the expense involved to pick up this trash as well as the pollution it causes to our waterways. The next time you feel the urge to do a car window toss of your lunch/dinner/drink residue, surely you are intelligent enough to refrain from this action! One more step forward to good stewardship.

Mikki Croxton, District Administrative Secretary

Henry County Conservation District