Letter: To Mr. Stephens and Eminence City Council

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I just wanted to thank yourself and the city council for their support of the planned CVS Pharmacy.  Too many times government gives into the wishes of a few at the cost of the many.  Many residents including myself cannot wait for the added convenience a CVS pharmacy will bring.  Currently I have to drive all the way to La Grange to fill a prescription because I am not happy with the service that the one pharmacy in Henry County provides.

I understand that it is hard to see a building with such history be torn down. However an empty building in disrepair does nothing for the citizens of the City of Eminence and does nothing to bring needed revenue to the city.  A bright new CVS in the center of town will surely look better than an old building in disrepair and a gravel parking lot.

I would like to ask the people that oppose the demolition of the building where they have been in the past.  If the building has so much potential it would have been revamped and used for a business, but that has not happened.  And furthermore it is not the job of government to repair private buildings that is the job of capitalism something that made this country great.  Progress should not be feared it should be embraced.  The more quality businesses that we can attract to the city of Eminence the better quality of life its residents will enjoy through added convenience and added revenue for the city.

I also wanted to take the time to thank the Eminence Police Department for their added patrols both inside and outside of the Eminence Schools.  My wife who works at the school and children who attend it both feel safer knowing that officers are patrolling the area and have a genuine concern for their well being. 

Rob Goss