A letter of thanks

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The players, parents and coaches of the Eminence Warriors’ youth football teams would like to thank those who supported our program this year. Our sponsors include Citizens Deposit Bank, Steel Technologies, Perry’s Hardware, Scriber’s Station on Elm, Eminence Speaker, Affordable Signs & Apparel, Prewitt’s, John Logan Brent, Lewis and Terri Laroche, and Wayne and Lou Gunnell. Your financial support provided the necessary equipment, uniforms and materials needed to allow these kids the opportunity to play football.

I appreciate the coaches that dedicated the time, effort and guidance to build a successful program. Those coaches are Emmanual Saunders, Craig Gnagie, Kumar Rashad, Eric Metten, Kurtis Kinderman and our team mom, Elisia Gnagie. Without their willingness to volunteer, this program would not exist.

I would also like to thank the Eminence Independent School for allowing our teams to utilize the athletic facilities for practice. It not only allows for the kids to be able to practice close to home, but also allows them to connect with the older players on the school teams.

Our appreciation also goes out to the Mike Sturgeon, Mike Cole, Jason and Libby Warner, Kelly Docktor, Larry Bailey and Jason Spencer for all the time that they dedicated to making this league successful.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the parents for allowing their children to play football and giving us the honor of coaching them. We were blessed with a great group of kids that expressed the desire to learn the game and play together as a team.

Thanks for a great season!

Jason Scriber, Coach

Eminence Youth Football