Letters to the Editor

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Thief on the loose in Eminence

We had rented a house on 578 Sulphur Avenue in Eminence. We were in the process of taking the old fence down around the house and putting a new wooden fence up.

We had laid the old metal gate to the fence in our yard to wake up the next morning, to find somebody had come into our yard and stole the gate with the post attached.

If somebody needed it that bad, all they had to do was ask!

I do not steal and don’t like or appreciate people who do!

So everybody be on the lookout for your stuff — even if you have to chain it up!

—James E. Frazier


Both sides to blame

Politicians of both parties in Washington, D.C., have plenty to say about immigration and, unfortunately, it has led to a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding. The Democrats falsely claim that we need a “pathway to citizenship” (when we already have one), and many Republicans falsely claim that millions of additional low-skilled workers would be good for our economy.

There already is a path to citizenship. The first step is to enter the USA legally — not ditch the path, cut in line or break the law.

We do not need politicians passing more immigration laws when the Obama administration repeatedly ignores or subverts the laws we already have. It is wrong and it is illegal.

America already has immigration laws that would work better if they were properly implemented and enforced — starting with securing our borders.

—Linda Noel