Liquor by the drink will only hurt Eminence

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By The Staff

My name is Dani Wells and I am a junior at Eminence High School. In response to the news article about the passing of the alcohol ordinance in Eminence, I would like to comment. As a new driver on the road in Eminence am I being put at risk for an alcohol related accident?

The Renaissance Fair was pushing for the amendment to be passed. Is the Renaissance Fair just thinking about making a profit or will they make sure everyone who drives away from their property is at the legal alcohol level? Not only will these effect drivers on the road but will also contribute to alcoholism which is a serious disease.

I feel the passing of the amendment could hurt the quiet town of Eminence. Nobody wants to get a call saying a family member or friend has been injured or has injured someone due to alcohol. Will the Renaissance Fair take partial responsibility because they sold alcohol?

Last week the newspaper stated, "We urge residents to be responsible, always, when imbibing, no matter where they happen to do it." The real problem is all people should take responsibility for themselves and be responsible for the consequences of other people's actions. If everyone was responsible, we wouldn't have a problem.

Dani Wells,

Eminence student