Local resources make good on New Year’s resolutions

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By Julie Mann

Well, here we go again…a new year…a fresh start with more good intentions and the pledge to spend more time with the family, begin healthier habits, get organized or begin that “read the Bible in a year program.” Don’t worry, this is not another one of those motivational columns that promises to help you reach all those lofty goals you have set for yourself. This is, however, a column written by your community anti-drug coalition that is dedicated to strengthening the families of Henry County. We would like to address some of the typical New Year’s resolutions and highlight the local resources available to you.

Some professionals say that it is best to set your goals for the New Year by concentrating on the three areas of Mind, Body and Spirit. We are very fortunate to have tremendous local resources to address all three! Let’s begin with the mind. When was the last time you visited the Henry County Public Library? CARE Team Coalition members were recently treated to a wonderful presentation by Suzanne Kirk in which she outlined all the great things our local branch has to offer. She explained the new theory of a “third place”. A place that is not home or school; a place to hang out, relax and broaden your horizons. Various areas have been set up specifically to accommodate every group of age or interest. Many of you had probably heard about or participated in one of the many children’s programs offered over the years but there is now a thriving youth/teen program run in part by local teens. They offer teen movie nights and gaming parties and any other area of interest our teens can think of. They have added free wi-fi, the option to check out electronic books and have added many box-office new releases to their video checkout program. If you have not been to the library lately, please give them a call at 845-2858 or stop by sometime. I know they would love to give you a personal tour.

Now let’s address New Year’s resolution for the body. It seems like everyone has a resolution to become more physically fit. The Eminence Community Center offers a great way to meet those fitness goals locally without breaking the bank. They offer cardio workouts on elliptical machines, treadmills and stationary bikes as well as toning exercises with weight equipment and a variety of target area machines, all at the very low cost of $1 a day or $10 a month. The Community Center also offers a variety of fitness classes such as Jazzercise and Karate. Please call the center at 845-2135 for more information on classes and hours of operation. If your fitness goals include kicking the smoking habit, you can call our local health department at 845-2882 for resources and class information.

To complete our well rounded goals for the New Year, I would like to feature the many wonderful churches in Henry County as we address our spirit. Connecting or reconnecting with a faith community enhances our daily lives as well as builds a foundation and support system for those impending difficulties that life will inevitable throw at us. Visiting a new church can be uncomfortable so seek out a church where you and your family feel welcomed, comfort will come as you begin to know the people. Look for a church that you can become involved with. If you have young children, teens or both, look for a church that offers family activities everyone can participate in. Most importantly, have an open heart; this may be the most exciting part of your new year.

As you can see, Henry County has many great resources to help you achieve whatever goal or goals you may be preparing for. We here at the Henry County CARE Team wish you the best of luck and a very Happy New Year!

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