Local students of the week

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Henry County Middle School

Allisia Tyler will be 12 in April, and is in sixth grade.

Language Arts teacher Leslie Doane chose Allisia because of her strong work ethic and the leadership role she’s taken on by helping her classmates. “It’s about how much progress she’s made and how much she’s grown,” principal Zach Woods said.

I hear you hold a unique position in middle school?
“I play on the boy’s football team,” she said.
How did you get interested in playing football?
My uncles always played.
Favorite book?
She said reading is not her favorite thing, but she recently read “Tuck Everlasting.”  “Surprisingly, I liked it,” she said.

What is your favorite subject?
Physical education - she said she most enjoys training for football.
What’s your goal in school?
“I told my mom I want to prove that a girl can play football all the way through high school,” she said.
What position do you like to play?
Lineman - I’m not scared to get hit.
How about pets or a favorite movie?
She has a dog named Twilight. Her favorite movie also is Twilight. “I like movies with a lot of action,” she said.