Local students of the week - Eastern Elementary School

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Hannah Head

Hannah is in Carrie Cox’s 4th grade class. Her noted accomplishment is that she reads at a 9th grade level.

Hannah is on the academic team and is an avid reader. “She always has her little nose in a book,” Principal Sharon Bright said.

Hannah is 9.

What are your favorite books?
Fiction, fairy tales, currently reading Dragon Rider. It’s about Firedrake who has to leave his home because humans are coming to flood it. He escapes with a Brownie and a boy named Ben to get to the Rim of Heaven. It’s really good.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a librarian.

What are your favorite animals, and why?
Dogs and cats - I have two cats, Angie (pure white) and Sassy (gray/white), and one dog, Speckles (part chihuahua/part Jack Russell).
I like to run around and chase Speckles. Angie likes to lay on my bed and fluff me.

If you could choose a field trip for your class where would you take them?
Disney World would be really cool. We’d go on a Disney cruise ship because I’ve never been on a boat, and ride roller coasters.

What advice do you have for younger students?
Always try to do your best work and don’t get in trouble. It’s more fun and teachers will trust you more.