Local students of the week - EHS

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Eminence High School - Byton Foree

Teacher Stephanie Meadows nominated Foree for student of the week.

She said he has raised his ACT score by five points and is looking at a football scholarship to Thomas Moore College. “He has put in unbelievable hard work,” she said.

Principal Steve Frommeyer refers to him as the “most improved of the most improved.”

Favorite subject?
He said he’s average in academics, but if he had to choose one it’s English class.

Extracurricular activities?
 Foree plays football and basketball, and is a weight lifter. “I’m a sports fanatic.”

Grown-up aspirations?
Foree plans to teach physical education.

Favorite music/artist?
I like all types - rap the best. Young Jeezy is his favorite. “I can relate to him. He came up in a single household, too.”

Do you have any pets?
Miniature Pinscher from the Humane Society named Victor. A teacher nearby called Victor an ankle biter, but another said he’s sweet. “I swear he’s got two personalities,” Foree said.

With two brothers, one older and one younger, what advice do you have?
Stay focused on school and graduate. Put sports second.

What’s your dream vacation?
The Bahamas with my brothers and friends