Local students of the week - Eminence Elementary School

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Elijah Montero, 10, is a 4th grader.
Principal Mike Doran said one of the things that makes Elijah student of the week is his participation in the principal’s vegetable club. He even eats the Brussels Sprouts.
How do you show your Eminence Warrior pride?
By playing football. I really want to win for the school. Elijah is a running back for the 2010 champion Redskins team.

What’s your favorite school lunch?
Pepperoni pizza, applesauce and spinach.

Do you have any pets?
We have a fish we caught in the creek. It looks like a bluegill. We named it Henry.

As part of the vegetable club, what’s your favorite vegetable?
I mostly like spinach (cooked with bacon).

Least favorite?
That would be celery.

Do you have chores to do after school?
I check the mail and take out the trash. Sometimes I clean my room.

What’s your favorite school subject?
I like math best, especially multiplication. I know my  multiplication tables.