Local students of the week - HCHS

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Henry County High School Will Lyle

Principal Jim Masters chose Will because of the effort he puts into all he does. “One cool thing he did was a demonstration for younger kids of a science class he took on his own,” Masters said.

Speaking of science...
Will plans to attend Transylvania University (Western Kentucky is his back-up) with an eye towards pre-pharmacy. “I’m doing a triple major of chemistry, biology and Spanish,” he said.

What do you do in your free time?
I don’t get much free time, but like video-gaming.

Latest favorite movie?
The King’s Speech.

What are you reading?
Several different books - The Scarlet Letter (for school), the original text of Sweeney Todd, and Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of Time.

What’s your dream vacation?
Europe in general - England and Spain specifically.

Do you have any pets?
A little dog named Noni - she’s technically my brother’s but she loves me more and a cat named Henrietta.

Do you have any advice for younger students?
Challenge yourself even if teachers don’t ask you to and stay focused on school.