Local teen lands job with highschoolplaybook.com

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By Tommie Kendall

By Tommie Kendall

Sports editor

When Brandon Goodwin clicked the send button to submit his application to WLKY-32 on Oct. 27, he never thought his on-line resume would be chosen among hundreds of Kentucky and Indiana students for the newly established highschoolplaybook.com - a website run by Channel 32 that features high school sports.

He sure was wrong.

Not only was Goodwin, a junior at Henry County High School, chosen as one of the 18 students to be interviewed in December, he eventually landed one of just 10 positions. With the limited reporters, it's one of the most sought-after positions for potential sports journalist in the region.

Goodwin was a bit surprised on Jan. 7 - the day he found out he was selected.

"Oh my gosh, yes I was surprised," an ecstatic Goodwin remembered more than 10 weeks after starting the job. "It was so intense with a lot of competition.

"Wanting to be a journalist, it was a very big deal for me."

The new program pays its student-workers and provides them with all the needed equipment. Each student covers two games per week in a selected area, where they videotape the action, interview players, coaches and fans, and post the videos on the highschoolplaybook.com website within 36 hours, along with blogs and a synopsis of the game. Goodwin covers Henry County, Shelby County, Trimble County, Eminence, Oldham County, South Oldham and North Oldham. Each student selected works yearlong until he or she graduates from high school, then another student steps into their role.

"They usually e-mail me assignments, and sometimes tell me about a game the day before," Goodwin said. "I'm also taking advance classes this year which makes it very tough at times. It keeps me pretty busy."

Because of the hectic schedule, Goodwin decided not to participate on the track team at HCHS this spring, but said running cross country in the fall of his senior year is one of his top priorities. Between juggling assignments and schoolwork, it can be a challenge at times, but one Goodwin's willing to take.

"I absolutely think it's worth it," he said. "It's a great opportunity for me."

Goodwin moved to Henry County from Akemah, OK., at the beginning of his sophomore year. He had no previous journalism experience up to that point, but after joining Steve Galyon's broadcast journalist class at HCHS last year, he fell in love with it.

"I'm not surprised he got the job," Gaylon said. "He's had three of my broadcast classes and his work has really improved. He does a good job covering games and he's a great story teller. It's very interesting to see what they (highschoolplaybook.com) do."

Goodwin plans to finish out his time as a reporter for highschoolplaybook.com, attend Western Kentucky University for journalism, then go to work in print journalism or broadcast journalism.

"I'm not really sure which way I'll go yet," Goodwin said. "I really like print, but broadcast may be my best. Who knows?"

Of the 10 reporters, most of them are assigned to the Jefferson County area, while two are in Indiana and one's in Fern Creek. They have a monthly meeting at WLKY in Louisville to go over new projects and see how they can improve.

In the 8th Region finals last Wednesday night - while Shelby County and Gallatin County were battling it out on the court in a one-point thriller - Goodwin could be seen along the sideline, hard at work. His videos and comments have already been posted on www.highschoolplaybook.com, where visitors can watch the final 10 seconds of the game when Shelby converted on the game-deciding three point play and Gallatin missed a desperate three-point attempt, interviews with Shelby's coach Mike Clark and player Tim Sanford afterwards, interviews with Gallatin and Shelby fans, and a video clip highlighting the rough plays, including one where the basketball knocked Goodwin off balance. He's willing to take the bumps and bruises that comes along with the job.

"They don't just look at how many hits the website is getting, but if we're improving - that's their main goal," Goodwin said of WLKY. "It's a really great program to be apart of, and it's great for the high school sports and the fans. It showcases the teams in the area - people should definitely check it out."

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