With love and determination

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On behalf of all the Fassio family, I wanted to publish a short “thank-you” to everyone who has visited, or offered up prayers and support as my family and I go through this difficult time. For those of you not fully aware, I have a stage 4, terminal cancer of the appendix and abdominal wall. It is a rare cancer, aggressive and hard to root out. The options are death or treatment, so it is no surprise that we are aggressively researching treatment centers. I must recuperate at home from this surgery (another 2-3 weeks) and try to gain strength and weight in order to undergo the chemo.  I’ll then go “on the road” for treatments at whatever cancer center is best suited for us.  If you want to follow my travails, my wife has created a blog page on www.caringbridge.org/visits/markfassio that we try to update with our progress. To those who have commented or visited there, thank you!  Your words bring me to tears.
The most important thing I want to say here is that I love and appreciate you all, especially for the support and for the prayer networks being generated out there. If everyone is praying as they say, this thing will be a cinch to heal!  As the Lord’s Prayer directs, “Thy will be done,” and we are trusting in God’s will to get us through. I want you to know that Henry County truly has become my home, and that everyone who offered up prayers, support, stopped by to see me, or just passes on well-wishes are true family members to me now.  You don’t know how much we appreciate and value you for your support!
I ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers — the road ahead is hard and I will need determination to gut it out, but we’re going to beat this thing.  Thanks again to all of you who have been there for us!
Lt. Col. Mark Fassio and the Fassio Family