Mahoney state’s Driver Trainer of Year

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William Mahoney, a vital part of the Henry County Public Schools’ Transportation Department for 25 years, received Kentucky’s Driver Trainer of the Year award June 27. 

Presented by the Student Transportation Association of Kentucky and the Kentucky Department of Education at STAK’s annual conference, the award recognizes one school transportation employee each year who has provided outstanding leadership as a trainer.

This honor generally goes to a trainer from a much larger school district, but Mahoney,  who is assistant transportation director for the Henry County Public Schools, rose to the top in the selection process.

“Whether it be training new drivers, serving as a mechanic, or driving a bus, Mr. Mahoney always has student safety as his number one priority,” says Superintendent Tim Abrams. “William’s attention to detail in driver training makes him an excellent trainer and mentor to new drivers.”

Kevin Whitt, Director of Transportation, knows that excellence in driver training greatly strengthens the transportation work force. “The district’s transportation department continues to operate as one of the safest and most efficient student transportation departments in the state,” he says, “because of the many transportation employees in Henry County like William Mahoney.