Make budgets cut fair

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While I was at the Fiscal Court meeting on Tuesday, October 16th, the budget committee that had been appointed by County Judge John Logan Brent discussed options on how the county was going to make the appropriate cuts for the county. We realize that this is a very difficult job for a committee, and especially making decisions that are fair for all. Budget cuts  were made to EMS, parks and recreations and the Sheriff’s budgets. We realize that the budget committee went after the biggest cuts first. I am all for budget cuts and Henry County should have done this years ago.

I believe that a leader leads by example or never asks anyone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. The judge-executive could have made it easier on the committee by cutting from his own office first as Democrat Governor Steve Beshear did when he started budget cuts for the state.  I know that some offices can’t give as much as others, but a portion of anything would have been something. Even the County Clerk’s Office wasn’t mentioned in any of the cuts. This needs to be fair with across the board. Proof in point, there are some departments that clean their own offices whereas others hire it out.

I commend the Budget Committee with their hard work and hours that they put in on this, but I still feel that this needs to be worked on further. I would like to personally see every office’s participation in this. I feel that our government should be transparent and all see our willingness to work as a team.

I am asking the citizens of our county to contact their magistrates who are on the budget committee or Judge Executive to step up to the plate and to do the right thing. I believe that if you did this, the other departments could see that this is fair for all. All offices will be involved and shows our citizens that we are in this together for the betterment of our county. Judge-executive and budget committee, “make it fair for all.”

Ricky Doyle