Make sure you get the whole story

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By The Staff

I know many of you in Henry and surrounding counties have seen or signed a petition to remove Greg Derossett from his current position, or any other position that he may hold in this county. I am concerned that many of you do not know the whole story as to why this petition is being passed around by Mr. Bob Cook who resides on Scobie Lane in New Castle.

I live on Scobie Lane and I called Planning and Zoning back earlier this year with a concern over some property that had been purchased by a family on this road. I was under the assumption that they were supposed to start building within a certain period of time and would live in their camper while building their home. They have lived in this camper for over two years now. As of this date, there is not even a foundation started for this home. Yes, they have had some issues to come up, but the fact is they signed a contract to build within a certain length of time and have not done that as of this date.

What concerns me is that he is wanting to have Mr. Derossett removed from his job when he has been given numerous chances to resolve this issue. Planning and Zoning have been working with him for two years at least over this. As far as I’m concerned, Planning and Zoning has been more than understanding.

Mr. Cook – you have called WHAS-11 out here to get your side of the story along with passing out petitions all over the county to have Mr. Derossett removed from office. People have signed these petitions without even knowing the whole truth. Mr. Cook – I am one of many that have called in and complained about your property. If you had bothered to ask me – I would have told you how we felt on this matter. I am glad that Planning and Zoning have stepped up and forced residents of this wonderful county to keep up their property and obey the laws. I am proud to live in Henry County and stand behind Mr. Derossett.

So, residents of Henry County, before you sign your name to the petition, make sure you are getting the whole story.

Berley and Aimee Cline

Scobie Lane