The Matter of Two Thanksgivings

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By Candy Clarke

Two Thanksgivings? Are you wondering if the government decided we need to celebrate life with two official Thanksgiving holidays? No, they haven’t, but maybe that might not be such a bad idea. Two thanksgiving dinners would certainly prove beneficial to the grocery industry.

Thanksgivings is over, so why am I writing about two Thanksgiving dinners? When your family is scattered all over the country and everyone has different work schedules; it’s hard to get everyone together at one time, especially on a particular day. I have friends who often rescheduled their Thanksgiving for the following Saturday because it was more convenient for everyone to come together. Not me, I was one of those who believed the holiday was the holiday and no one should mess with the dates. I faithfully observed the traditional holiday dates. The holiday meal was dutifully served on the specific holiday; though sometimes it was served so late we could have saved time if we had worn our pajamas.

Not any more. I am now one of those who will take the holiday on whatever date we can arrange. Hey, I’ll even fix official thanksgiving breakfasts if that works better for everyone. The important things are we are all together for a while. When, where, and how much food we have or don’t have is just a matter of icing on the cake.

Our traditional Thanksgiving was spent with some wonderful friends we met our first year in Henry County. The meal was delicious and the companionship was even better. It was a wonderfully “traditional holiday” on the exact date.

Our second Thanksgiving meal, will be served tomorrow in the Smoky Mountains. Our youngest daughter, now a young adult, just couldn’t seem to accept that we would be spending the holidays in different geographic locations.

After many discussions and lots of distressed calls regarding exact amounts of airline miles needed; it was decided we would have “our Thanksgiving” on Monday in the Smoky Mountains. She and her boyfriendflew in from Alaska; my brother and his family drove up from Florida, along with their grandbaby. And we drove down from Kentucky.

Everyone has saved and saved for this. We divided the menu so everyone gets to prepare their best items and to ensure each young person gets their “special food” remembered from past holidays. A friend gave us venison and wild turkey. Shopping after the holiday certainly helped with expenses. All in all, everyone’s wish list for favorite foods will be filled. We are grateful so many of us can be together for a few days. Isn’t that what its all about?

As for me? The food is cooking and I am reflecting. How did I ever think traditional dates were so important? I don’t think it will ever, again, matter to me when the official holiday date occurs. I feel blessed to spend time with friends and family at any given moment.

Two Thanksgivings? Yeah, I’ll definitely go along with two Thanksgivings.