A mile in their shoes

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By Will Phillips

By Will Phillips



A group of Henry County seniors have spent the school year trying to think of ways to help the local homeless population.

“Out east, in Eastern Kentucky, homelessness and poverty as a whole is just a rampant problem,” said Ian Dorman, leader of the project. “Locally, we tried to find a soup kitchen to work for and we couldn’t find one at all. The one in Shelbyville wasn’t in business anymore and the closest one we could find was in downtown Louisville. And to get everyone down there was just an impossibility.”

Eventually, the group decided to organize a ‘sleep out,’ where they would build shelters out of cardboard boxes and limit themselves to one bottle of water and one granola bar for the night. In addition, they’ve been collecting donations. And, according to Dorman, they’ll be doing far more than just dropping them at the door of a food pantry.

“We’re getting basic necessities, toiletries, getting them together and putting them in what we’re calling ‘Blessing Bags,’” Dorman said. “Unlike all the other groups, we’re actually going to go downtown [in Louisville] and hand them out and interview people who’ve been affected by homelessness.”

Currently, Henry County does not have a homeless shelter of any sort. According to the office of social services, the only assistance provided to homeless individuals comes through churches. Dorman has ideas for how to fix that. “Get a soup kitchen or a mobile food pantry up. I think that’d be the best thing to do.”

To donate to the group, call Henry County High School at 845-8670.