Misspent “fun” is vandalism

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By The Staff

On Thursday night, Jan. 15, 16 mailboxes on Bates Lane were vandalized – most were smashed on one side by some object and several were knocked completely off their pedestal! I would guess that this vandalism was perpetrated by young people, who were out driving around and thought this would be fun. Someone (or a group) who would do this must have a perverted sense of what is fun. Obviously, they have no respect for other’s property; but, vandalizing U.S. Postal Service mailboxes is a Federal offense!

Secondly, vandalism is a senseless, criminal act that cannot be justified on any basis. Whoever perpetuated this destruction of others’ personal property, has no sense of right and wrong. Assuming they were young people, I would guess that their parents don’t know what they have done and if they learn that their offspring was involved, I wonder if they would make them apologize to the mailbox owners and pay for the damage they caused. Parents of teenage drivers in Henry County should explain that vandalism and burglary are senseless criminal accts.

Thirdly, property owners have to repair or replace their mailboxes, and this can be expensive – especially if they have decorated or large mailboxes costing upwards of $100, plus their time, or the cost of hiring another, to install it.

When my mail delivery carrier arrived while I was repairing and remounting my mailbox today, he told me that the Smithfield Postmaster had reported this mailbox vandalism to the Henry County Sheriff. Mailbox vandalism is usually done late at night, when most homeowners are asleep, but if anyone sees someone (or a group) smashing mailboxes, they should immediately call the county sheriff. I was told today that burglary is on the rise in Henry County. The only way to put a stop to property vandalism and burglary is for all property owners to be ever vigilant and report all suspicious actions to the sheriff or state troopers.

Henry Baughman