Money could be put to better use

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By The Staff

This pool issue has been something that our family and community has now heard of and been listening to for quite some time now. During the last city elections for Mayor and Council members, we had quite a few prospects, and current members stop by our home. The only constant issue that any of them talked about, was the pool. They all mentioned there was a great need for something for our young people to do in this city, let alone county. We were told at that time by all that for just $10,000 to $15,000 our local pool could be re-opened and our kids have a chance at enjoying the summer here at home. I do want to mention this again...as this point has stuck with me for some time. Both the current people in office at that time before the election, as well the ones running for office said those amounts.

But like most political things, this was all talk. No one on either side, including the current Making Waves, it would now seem, did any "real" cost checking into what it would really mean to the taxpayers of Eminence or how it would pull a community apart by the mere mention of a pool. It is easy to point the finger at one side or the other. But at the end of things, both sides of this issue just handled things wrong. The truth is that both sides should have really looked into the cost of what the pool was going to cost to either get it fixed or having a new one put in. Even after all of this, no one can honestly say what the total cost would be once the pool would be put in with the other pool house building and things needed to actually run it.

I do think that as far as the current city council, they have done a wonderful job in doing what they can for the community. The activities they have started helped get a community to get out more and socialize more together. We have taken our kids to the Music on Main, and loved the Halloween Festival this year. For my family living here, this is what this was all about. Family and Community.

This amount of money should not be vested in one function in the community that will in no way compare to any of our neighboring counties pools. This city money should be used as the city has for other community functions. The funds that were collected by the public, should be returned. If either side is truly wanting a pool, then they should look towards a county solution, rather then city. That is truly the only way the kids would ever have the kind of pool they would and do deserve.

I hope people will get behind their city council and work towards the things that we can achieve together and work on a community we can and should be proud of. We do not need to pull at the heart strings of our kids, or make promises that we honestly don't know if we can keep. The only people we are honestly hurting in the end are the ones that we are saying we are doing all of this for.

Leland Craig Payton