Of mums and melons

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By Steve Moore

 Interested in learning how horticulture production systems can be put to work on Henry County farms for marketable flowers and vegetables? At 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Extension Service will offer a short demonstration featuring a simple irrigation and fertilizer system for container mums, and a plasticulture system for watermelons.  Featured guest speakers include Steve Berberich and Ty Cato, UK Extension Horticulture Associates. 

Along with a look at the production systems, our speakers will be discussing marketing potential for these horticulture enterprises.

A sponsored lunch will be available, featuring Chef Kari Lynne Graves and local fare.  Please contact the Henry County Extension Office at 845-2811 to let us know your intentions to attend.

UK Horticulture Field Day

Mark Aug. 7, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to visit the UK Horticulture Field Day this year.  You’ll get a chance to see educational sessions on a variety of horticulture production systems including:  high tunnels, small fruits and grapes, biofuels, organic and conventional production, and ornamental horticulture. 

The field day is on the UK Horticulture Farm at 4320 Emmert Farm Lane, near Lexington.  Anyone interested in commercial horticulture production is invited.  While no pre-registration is required, it will still help if you contact the Henry County Extension office at 845-2811 so we can forward that information to the field day organizers.

Master Stocker Program

Henry County Beef producers are invited to participate in the upcoming Master Stocker Program, hosted by the Henry, Shelby, Trimble, and Oldham County Extension services.  The 8-session school begins Oct. 25, and will run nearly weekly after that. The school will give participants information necessary to successfully transition to stockering.  Sessions will include budgeting and cost of production, animal handling, transport, and welfare, risk management tools, nutrition management, forage management, health management, environmental compliance, and marketing.  All sessions will be from 6 to 9 p.m., and supper meal will be provided, similar to the Master Cattleman-style program.

We will have both a minimum and a maximum number of participants, so to be sure you are ‘in the class’, contact the Henry County Extension Office at 845-2811 to register.