New business to help rebuild lives

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By The Staff

Today’s world is one of a multitude of problems, and many of those problems are hard to face.

But Across Kentucky Life Skills Center aims to help residents face their problems, learn to forgive and learn to live.

Life Skills International has opened in Eminence, and soon will offer its first class.

Mona Huff is one of four trained facilitators who will work with clients.

Huff said clients will attend classes to help work through their anger and frustration issues, some of which may stem back to childhood.

The classes, she said, start with a video clip which is followed by discussion. “(We) spend time talking about (issues), go through anger and frustrations,” she said.

Huff said the service is not a counseling service, though each of the facilitators have been trained by Life Skills International in Colorado.

According to a press release, the organization “is for anyone from angry teens to those who are struggling in their marriages or are affected by domestic violence.”

“We really want to deal with folks who have had any kind of abuse as a child, be it verbal or social or sexual,” Huff said. “The child tends to blame themselves.

“Having been a person abused as a child both physically and sexually, that’s something I had to work through myself.”

While completing her Life Skills training, Huff said she had her own breakthrough moment. She wants to use those experiences to help others, and said she already has. “I’ve been able to help people when no one else could, because I’ve been there,” she said.

Huff, who will work with her husband Mike, Drane Stephens and Coleman Colston, said clients will begin with an intake session. From there, clients will attend classes to work through what’s on their mind.

“We’re starting the classes on a very small basis to begin with,” Huff said. The classes, which cover a range of topics including anger management, managing stress and building relationships among other things, are scheduled to begin Feb. 21. Huff said the class she leads will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

Across Kentucky Life Skills Center is located at 1215 Ballardsville Road, near Eminence.

For more information, please call 845-0063.