New Castle commission votes to pay repair bill out of F.D. budget

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By The Staff

Staff report

In a three to one decision on Monday, the New Castle City Commission agreed that funding needed to repair a fire truck should come out of the fire department's budget rather than the city's general fund.

Commission member Tim Royalty argued that the $1,500 in maintenance fees are the responsibility of the the Fire Department and not the City's, citing past city records which indicated that costs of this nature do not historically come from the city's budget.

"Annual pump test costs come out the fire departments budget, so do other maintenance fees. Why should this repair be any different," Royalty asked.

Royalty also called for a more specific breakdown of department costs in the future.

Fire Chief Gene Raake argued the repair bill should come out of the city's general fund since the truck belongs to the city.

"It says New Castle on the side of the truck, they're the property of the city. I don't think it's wrong in saying that this is your truck and your responsibility," Raake said.

After considerable deliberation, the commission voted to pay for the bill out of the fire department's budget.