New Castle Elementary: Connor Arthur-Martorano

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Local students of the week

Connor Arthur-Martorano is 6, and a student in Ms. Guthrie’s Kindergarten class. Principal Lane Morris said Connor is a good kid who’s made a lot of progress. “He’s just, wise beyond his years, as in, things that are going on in the classroom, and how he’s handling different scenarios,” Morris said. “(He’s) just a joy, he’s just contagious. It’s been a blessing to have him as part of our family here.”

What do you like about school?
It’s fun. I like math. You can learn about numbers.

What’s your favorite school lunch?
I would have to say chicken nuggets. My favorite breakfast is Donuts with Dad!

Do you like to read? What are you reading?
I’m still learning how to. I’ve been practicing at home a bunch. I’ve been reading chapter books and books like that about pictures.

What’s your favorite so far?
Well, it’s kinda big and it’s called... Tuggie the Tugboat.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Two brothers, no sisters. The littlest one’s name is Wes, he’s a 1 year old baby, and in the middle of it, and Bishop is 4.

What’s it like being the oldest?
Well, you get to boss your brothers around. And you get to teach them the rights and wrongs.

Do you have any advice for younger students?
Well, (school’s) going to be fun.