New locks installed at jail for $6

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By Hammer Smith

200 Years Ago

William Pemberton filed a claim for $1.50 with the Henry County Court for guarding William Carty and Jerry Sullivan while they were on trial.

Sheriff John Dodd of Henry County paid Isaac Pendleton $6 for his services as patroller.

W. Webb inspected and adjusted the weights and scales at the Westport Warehouse as per order of the County Court.

George Hensley Sr., filed a claim with the sheriff that there was an error in his tax levy for 1810.  He was charged with three adults above 21 years of age, two slaves and four horses, when he should have paid taxes on one white male above 21 years of age, two Negroes under 16 years old and four horses.

175 Years Ago

Benjamin Wallace was exempted from paying county taxes because he was a ferry-keeper in the county.

Silas W. Hunt was paid the sum of $20 for his services in surveying the Henry and Trimble County line.

J. T. Jeffries and Malinda Palmer were married on Oct. 1, 1836.

The County Court allowed Will Meade a claim of $12 for making two coffins for poor persons of Henry County.

Thomas M. Ballard was paid $2 by the County Court for his services around the poor house.

150 Years Ago

Dr. G. W. Blaydes was granted $17 for his medical services to George Sebastain’s family.

Joseph Washburn and Elizabeth Harlow were married on Oct. 12, 1861.

Joseph Ungles was allowed $10 by the Court for making a coffin for a poor person in the county, while William T. Smith was allowed $3 for making a coffin for an infant.

Elizabeth Hall was granted $100 by the Court for keeping Nancy Beel, a poor, helpless person, from Feb. 13, 1861 until April 13 and for her burial expenses.

L. F. Boulware was allowed $8.99 by the Court for burial clothes for Harrison Tharp, a poor person of the county.

125 Years Ago

W. J. Wright was allowed a claim for $6 by the Court for installing new locks at the jail.

Abe Watkins and Nancy E. Thurman were married on Oct. 14, 1886.

On Oct. 11, 1886 G. Sams purchased a tract of land, containing fifty plus acres, from D. J. Calvert and his wife, E. J. Calvert, for the sum of $1,732.

C. C. Ward was allowed a claim of $8 by the Court; $6 for three days hauling rock for the roads and $2 for service as an election judge.

E. F. Baker was allowed a claim for $4 by the Court for “walling the well” at the poor house.

100 Years Ago

Walter Wells was allowed a claim for $62.80 by the Court for lumber to rebuild a bridge.

Mortica Harp and Catherine Long were married on Oct. 18, 1911.

L. C. Skidmore purchased 31 ½ acres of land in Henry County from E. Worth Gillum and Mary Gillum, his wife, for $1,417.50.

The Cash Coal Company, R. S. Guthrie, Manager, was allowed a claim for $97.74 for 543 bushel of coal @ 18 cents per bushel; 23 bushels for a Mr. Mitchell and 520 bushels for the county jail.