Next stop on journey of life: Henry County

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By Heather Hagedorn


I am pleased to be the rookie member of the Henry County Local and to serve as your newest News Reporter! As of my wedding earlier this year on April 26, I now go by the name Heather Hagedorn (hag-eh-dorn). Your first instinct on how to pronounce it is usually correct. I moved to La Grange from Northern Michigan following my marriage to the love of my life, Eric Hagedorn, whom I began dating in college. Eric moved to the area in 2012 to begin his career in mechanical engineering — but enough about him.

I’ve relocated many times in my life. Someone once called me a “Georgia Peach” for residing in the southern state the first year of my existence. I take an odd sense of pride in that label. From Georgia, work brought my dad and our family to North Carolina until I finished first grade, which is when we settled into a number of towns in Michigan, where my parents originated. Being an expert on change, I’ve grown accustomed to its demands, and I expect it to occur at any given moment. That’s what I believe prepared me for my career as a news reporter. There is constant change. 

This is my second news-reporting job. My first came in Michigan for Choice Publications, and lasted 11 months prior to my move in April. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois, my home away from home, and I am excited to be covering a new area.

My affinity for writing began around middle school when I discovered how naturally it came to me. Since then, it has brought me a sense of peace and allows me to better express my thoughts and ideas. I have two books in the making, and plan to get at least one of them published within the next year. 

My eyes and ears are forever open to new ideas, which allow reporting to be an adventure for me. I look forward to seeing you all around and bringing you diverse, concise community news. This is a beautiful area and I can’t remember ever living in a location with so much green around me. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have news to share with Henry County. I will be happy to write your story!