No happy endings with heroin

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By Christopher Brooke

So here’s something I’ll never understand on any level — why would anybody want to surrender themselves to the lure of a dangerous drug like heroin?

I felt astounded by the news that Northern Kentucky — a place I’m familiar with due to having family and friends across the Ohio in Cincinnati and having lived there myself — leads the nation in heroin abuse.

It’s a safe bet that I’m as sheltered a person as you’ll ever meet.

Remember the old driving safety films they used to show to young, impressionable children in school, like “Blood on the Highway!”

Well, they also had a similar cautionary, “educational” offering about drugs that they gathered us in the gym for while I attended first or second grade.

Pardon the language, but the movie supposedly featured a junkie undergoing tremors in withdrawal and bleeding out from his use of heroin.

Looking back, I’m not sure those kinds of films were absolutely trustworthy.

It might have been total propaganda, but it also worked. It may have even become one of my most vivid memories from grade school.

Knowing I’ll never understand the cycle of drug abuse and dependence, I still wonder about it.

Why would anybody want to be out-of-control on a mind-altering substance?

Do people realize when they’ve become addicted?

Do they know when their behavior starts hurting others or are they too addled by the high or too desperate for their next fix to care?

Do those who steal money from their loved ones to afford to buy illegal drugs come to regret their actions?

I’ve covered crime reports for various news outlets for 19 years now, but that hasn’t given me insight as to how someone in the throes of addition feels.

I hope that people out there can get help.

Seven Counties Services offers the Hope Now Hotline for substance abuse problems at (502) 583-3951.

If you are suffering or know somebody who is suffering, please call.