No interruption in Home Health service

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I am writing in response to Nick Hawkins’ letter last week (“Magistrate responds to criticism,” Dec. 15) regarding his response to a letter the previous week by Mr. Jon Park questioning the audit of local fire department.  I do not see the connection between the majority of Mr. Hawkins’ response to the content of Mr. Park’s letter.  Mr. Hawkins chose to make the majority of his response with references to the North Central District Health Dept. Home Health Agency and their move to Shelbyville.  We did not close the Home Health office, we merely moved it to another location.  We continue to provide the same quality services to home health patients in Henry County just as we have for the past 34 years.  There has been no interruption in services.

Yes, I am an employee of North Central District Home Health and also have been a resident/property owner/taxpayer in Henry County for more than 30 years.  I resent this verbal attack on my employer-the North Central District Health Dept. by Mr. Hawkins, especially since it is in no way related to Mr. Park’s questioning of fire department audits.

Mr. Hawkins, if you have a personal problem with Mr. Park or his wife, may I suggest you take it up personally with them and not vilify one of the best public services Henry County has.


Pam Dingman