Obamacare in response to Yates

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After carefully reading Mr. Yates letter concerning Obamacare, I feel compelled to make a few comments. While I do not profess to be an expert on this legislation, there are certain aspects that cause concern.

There will be significant government bureaucracy created by its implementation.

There will be significant costs associated with that bureaucracy.

Those costs will be borne by taxpayers through a vast array of taxation and fees.

By granting control of healthcare to the government, the government increases its influence over individual decisions and behavior.

Mr. Yates is a good friend, but I feel that he, like myself, does not really know what the long term result will be from transforming such a fundamental aspect of our lives in such a drastic and far-reaching way.

Obamacare or its eventual evolution to socialized medicine may turn out to be an improvement over the status quo, however, the opposite may become painfully clear after its cumbersome and expensive implementation. To assume that all will be fine because Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and our president told us so is akin to entering a deep cave without a reliable and redundant light source.

John Jaeger, DMD