Oct. 31 already? Really?

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By Tommie Kendall

Usually, Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. When early October rolls around, I usually already have a costume picked out. And when the day finally arrives, Im more than ready to squeeze my way into the scary, funny or odd-looking costume, put on the makeup (typically, its the only time of the year I wear makeup), and bring out my best acting skills to portray the character Im dressed as.

Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles no problem, Im a nunchucks expert. Superman hey, I can fly for a few seconds. A pirate wheres my treasure, mate. Freddie Kruger. Frankenstein. A vampire. A mad scientist. A scary clown. A caveman. A scary-looking man with a big knife. By the ripe old age of 13, all I wanted to do was scare the bejesus out of someone which I eventually mastered.

I miss my Halloweens of the past.

But this year, for unseen reasons, Halloween just kind of snuck up on me. And by the time it said boo, it was a tad too late. Didnt the high schools just start last week? Or was it yesterday? Has it already been 10 weeks since I covered my first football game this season? Honestly, I just cant believe its already October 31.

Back in my younger days, ghost stories were real, haunted houses were actually haunted, graveyards were underground passages to some make-believe place, and my neighborhood was full of witches, at least for this one night. But now that Im older, ghost stories are laughable at best, haunted houses just need to be torn down, and graveyards only go six-feet deep. I yearn for my Halloweens to be what they once were.

Heck, if I thought I could ring a door bell and not get ordered to leave the doorsteps from my youre-too-old-for-a-snickers-bar neighbors, I might still go trick-or-treating. After all, I miss wandering through neighborhoods with buckets full of candy, anticipating the next knock and waiting for the next boo.

Tonight at the Local, I get the chance to reminisce on some of my Halloween memories. I look forward to seeing the kidos imaginations run free with costumes and character acting, much like I was a decade ago. So if you get the chance, bring your children by to get their pictures taken for next weeks paper. But be weary of the ghosts and goblins they will be out in full force tonight.

As for me, Im still thinking of a costume to wear this year. I may have aged a few years, and my costumes may have matured along the way, but my childish ways may find a way to resurface after all.

Umm, maybe that Ninja Turtle outfit still fits?

Tommie Kendall can be reached at sports@hclocal.com