Oldham needs to be a better neighbor .....

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By The Staff

Last year, the residents of Shelby County were approached from a group of people about the possibility of forming an Airport Authority Board to check into the possibility of locating a regional airport in Shelby County. It does not matter if you were for or against it, I believe all can agree it was presented to the people and the residents spoke - there was not enough support for such an endeavor.

A decision was made by the citizens of Shelby County. Oldham County's citizens decided to form an Airport Authority Board about the same time. That board selected 17 potential sites to pick from. Of those sites-five were either in Henry County or partially in Henry County, and one was partially in Shelby County. On November 6, the Oldham County Fiscal Court and their Airport Authority Board, narrowed down the 17 sites to the three they will be submitting to the FAA for final selection. Of those three, one is in Buckner, the second is partially in Oldham County and partially in Henry County, and the third is partially in Oldham County and partially in Shelby County. My mother, who lives in the Jericho / Smithfield area of Henry County attended the meeting where the three sites were unveiled. She asked the Airport Authority Board chair, Mr. Westbrook, how can a board appointed by Oldham County Fiscal Court, have jurisdiction (for eminent domain purposes) in another county. His answer to her was "Because we can."

This arrogance smacks of George III and our colonies in the late century. Terms like "taxation without representation" come to memory from my elementary days. I am not sure how the Henry County Fiscal Court members feel about this ( Are they even aware of these developments? The Shelby County Fiscal Court personnel were not. Or are they indifferent? Or maybe they were promised something?) Those are questions they will have to answer to the citizens of Henry County. My concerns are with my fellow citizens of Shelby County. If the Oldham County Fiscal Court proceeds down this path, are they going to start allowing the 55,000 citizens of Shelby and Henry counties vote in their elections? I sure bet the political landscape of Oldham County would be vastly different than it is now, if that were the case! This is like me building a swimming pool, and either putting part or all of it in my neighbor's yard -- because I don't want the clutter! If Oldham County officials and citizens want to be "Louisville Jr," that is their call to make. Let your neighbors decide their fate for themselves.

Ferenc X. Vegh Jr.,