In One Word

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We asked the Local’s Facebook friends for their reaction, in one word, to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed. Here are some of their responses:

--Elisa Cooper
-- JaCoby ‘Kobe Moore
-- Vickie Garvin
-- Corinne Ferris Kephart
--Emily Nicole Hensley
-- Jenny Spurr-George
--Sara Smith
--Erica Neville
-- Joyce McNeil Pearson
-- Marty Clark
-- Michelle Peyton
-- Michael Seligman
-- Dianne Hall
-- Jacquie Crawford Lyons
-- Amy Blevins
-- Debbie Edday Hedges
-- Kay Taylor
-- Margie Hoskins Wade
-- Elmer Thompson.
-- Mike Roberts
-- Tina Parrish Casey
-- Lisa Arnold Patterson
-- Frances Willoughby Delaney
-- Darlene R. Spradling

-- Rita K. Chancellor
-- Charlie Sevier
-- Richard Smith
-- Judy Brewer Milliner
-- Pamela Wilson Kelley
-- Edward A. Mahoney
-- Diana J. Slay
-- Morris Powell
-- Polly Troxell
-- Rhoda Harris
-- Dave Boyer
-- Louann Schildknecht
--DeeDee Mueller Sallee

-- Charles E. Turner Sr.
-- Tommy Gray
-- Samantha Eyle
-- Crystal Gordon
-- Marlene Woosley Darius
-- Judy Jones
-- Curtis Stewart
-- Becky Skeen
-- Rhonda McQueen
-- David Martin
--Vickie Garvin
-- Rex Wayne Morgan