Outstanding Educator - Eminence Independent Schools: Kristan Lively

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By Brad Bowman

The Henry County Chamber of Commerce honored Kristan Lively as an outstanding educator for Eminence Independent Schools.

Basic Bio

Originally from Kentucky moved to Arizona and graduated from Joseph City High School.

Attended Spalding University for a business undergraduate degree and masters in education.

Currently working on leadership program at University of Cumberlands.


What do you think led to you being chosen for Outstanding Educator?

I’ve been working hard to make my classroom completely innovative and use 21st century skills. I was the first teacher to initiate standards based grading to ensure student are mastering content.

Why do you like teaching?

I love my job. I love watching the students mature from freshmen year to senior year. I truly love teaching and challenging their minds every day.

What do you like to teach?

I love teaching all my classes, but my favorite is Algebra 1 with 9th grade. I love getting to be one of the first teachers to have the new high school students. I love watching how much they grow up from 9th to 10th grade And I love the class.

How many children do you teach a year?

On average I have 100 kids a year.

What are the challenges in the classroom?

Meeting each and every different learning need can be challenging.

What strengths do you have as an educator?

I love technology. I use it every day and the kids typically love it. I also am very good at breaking down concepts in a way kids can learn.

What do you hope for the future?

I want to stay in the classroom as long as possible.

What do you do for fun outside of school?

I love boating and going to the lake with my family.

My family consist of my three children: Kaleb, Lindsey and Dena; and my boyfriend Jason.