A past due Thanksgiving notice

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By Brad Bowman

My parents and grandparents ingrained a sense of thankfulness in all of us in my family.

 I am past due, since the holidays approach more rapidly every year, on giving my thanks in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday.

First and foremost, I must thank local historian Hammer Smith for allowing me to divert his attention every few weeks from important research.

 I usually invade the History Center in a mad rush to quell my appetite for a local history subject I am writing on. Mr. Smith patiently humors my requests. After we spend many joyful minutes telling each other the biggest lies, exaggerated whoppers of stories and wipe our eyes from too much laughter, he provides me with the information I need. He readily provides information from the fruits of his own research or has the information quickly available. My historical work and articles are indebted to him and the History Center. I hope I have made a friend in him or at least provide him with an equal amount of satisfactory entertainment.

I must thank my grandmother in Finchville, as well as, her son and my uncle Todd Duvall for providing me with the educational foundation essential for my present occupation.

My grandmother has sufficiently armed me with the most substantial tools for political discourse. I learned more in her living room about politics and policy than any classroom. I have felt I could confidently run for the presidency since I was ten.

My uncle Todd religiously gave me books as presents for my birthday and Christmas for more than 30 years. He profoundly shaped my intellect and everything I aspire to as a journalist. He wrote critically of Kentucky politics for the Frankfort State Journal his entire adult life before his untimely passing. Uncle Todd also gave me an appreciation for rarely found in a country hick like me: an appreciation for classical music, jazz and single malt scotch.

I must thank all of the type-A females in my family or otherwise I fear I will be strung up like a Christmas ornament.

My mother has given all of her support and positive strength for me to be the man I am. I also have two sisters who love me dearly by constantly telling me what I need to do and how to do it. They recently sent me live video of a concert I was unable to attend to soothe my childish jealously. My wife deserves my thanks for allowing me to spend entire weekends at times in the studio rehearsing with my band in Northern Kentucky.

I must also thank my editor and publisher Jonna Spelbring Priester who meticulously edits my work so I sound much more intelligent than I actually am.

Most importantly, I would like to thank you the reader and all of the people I have interviewed so far for stories in the Henry County Local.

Many brave souls have allowed me to ask questions about their personal lives, invited me into their homes and provided me with material for a more robust story. I honestly couldn’t do what I do without support from all of you.