People: The charm of Henry County

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By Candy Clarke

Charm is defined as “attractiveness; the power to delight or attract people.” In my opinion, that equates to a place called Henry County.

If you are fortunate enough to have spent  most of your life in Henry County, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! From the prospective of an outsider, the fact that many Henry County residents take their way of life for granted is one of the contributing factors which make it so charming. I find it to be a unique and charming place populated by gentle, yet strong people, who value their rural lifestyles.

Of course, the first thing which captures the attention of a newcomer to the area would be the beautiful old buildings. In today’s society it appears much easier to doze down, rather than maintain older structures. Yet here, people have managed to save the older structures while also constructing new ones. That says a lot about what the community values. It also teaches newer generations the unspoken lesson of holding their past dear and acknowledging who they are as they move forward in life.

While the older structures are delightful; I have found the real charm of the county to be its people. Yes, there are nice people everywhere, but especially so in Henry County! For the past couple of years, my husband and I have been snow birding from Alaska to Henry County; and in that time, I have never encountered a single rude person in Henry County. Truly. Now, I am not so naïve as to believe there aren’t any rude people here, it’s just that I have not encountered them. Nor has my husband. That says alot about a community.

The small town charm and rural lifestyle make for a more friendly and cooperative attitude among the inhabitants of this county. From total strangers patiently giving directions to a newcomer; to the kindness of fellow shoppers, the people of Henry County have always made me feel welcome.
At a time in our society, where most businesses do not want to take a personal check; merchants here have honored my personal Alaskan check.

When we first arrived in Henry County and went grocery shopping; I found myself surrounded by unfamiliar brands. There always seem to be a fellow shopper kind enough to enlighten me on which brand worked best for what. Standing in line at the check outs was and still is, most informative for me. Here, I find out new recipes; the best movies, and what is happening locally during the weekend. Advertisers could learn a lot from residents of this county!

As for the hustle and bustle of larger cities; they are most welcome to keep it in the cities. I enjoy the fact there will be delays in check out lines sometimes because an old friend of the cashier’s just happened to stop by. I like that I sometimes have to slow down for the tractors on the highway. I also enjoy the fact that sometimes people stop their vehicles in the middle of the road and chat briefly.

All of these little things are what makes Henry County the unique place it is... and that’s pretty awesome! Charming? Most definitely! Thank you, Henry County, for making us feel so welcomed.