Pleasureville Day 5k run/walk with God

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By The Staff



On Saturday, Sept. 8, in conjunction with Pleasureville Day, Pleasureville United Methodist Church hosted their first 5k Run/Walk with God. The dedicated athletes pictured at left, weathered the rain and supported the Young Adult Recreational Missions Fundraiser. Pictured at left: Eric Phillips, Tommie Kendall, Kevin Welsh, Bill BrammellJr., Sandra Kendall, Gabrielle Grider, Bill Brammell Sr., Paul Hanley, Shannon Treece, Robbie O’Brien, Paul Daniel, Deanna New, Evan Harrod, Bryan Franklin, Chelsea Brammell, Heather Baxter, Katie Brammell, Trinity Durrett, and Kathy Stamper. Eric Phillips was the overall winner with a finishing time of 15:54. Pictured at right are winners from each age group: Tommie Kendall, Sandra Kendall, Trinity Durrett, Paul Hanley and Deanna New.