Plenty of after school activities for 4-H

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By Cathy Toole

There are many opportunities for youth ages nine to 19 to develop new skills right after school.  The activities are held at the Henry County Cooperative Extension service from 3:30 to 5 p.m.  All of these activities are free!

The first activity of the year was held this past Tuesday when 16 children learned the Kentucky folk art of painting gourds.  Debbie Hargrove, a member of the Henry County Arts and Crafts Guild agreed to teach the class using the one step painting method.  Students practiced their techniques on paper before beginning the work on the actual gourd.  It is trickier than it looks working in the round.  The young artists learned a lot from Debbie and enjoyed the project.  

The next project club that will be held after school is the 4-H Cooking Club, which meets once a month.  This is a popular club among its members because they always come in hungry and enjoy eating the dishes they prepare that day. 

This group has become so large we have split the class into a Beginning Cooking Club that will be made up of fourth and fifth graders. This group will meet Tuesday, Oct. 18, and will be taught by Shannon Bratton.  The middle school aged youth will form an Advanced Cooking Club and will meet on Monday, Oct. 10. This club will be taught by Jane Mann.  A special treat for both groups will await them after the cooking portion of the class is complete, pumpkins will be given out to decorate and take home.

A beginning woodworking class will be offered on Thursday, Oct. 20.  The class will offer a birdhouse or small stool kits.  During the class the youth will use hammers, drills, and screwdrivers to assemble the kits.  Then the project will be sanded and either stained and sealed at the office or the youth may decide to take home the project and paint it, whatever their preference may be.  Please call the office to sign up at 845-28ll or e-mail kelly.dockter@uky.edu to register.  If you are a teen or adult that would like to volunteer to help with the assembly of the woodcraft kits please give us a call.

The 4-H Photography Club is also a very popular club that will meet on Nov. 2.  If you have a digital camera please bring it with you and make sure your memory card is in your camera.  Also, please bring extra batteries. If you do not have a camera that is okay the club has several and will let you use one of theirs.  There are usually a few field trips within the county during the school year and at least one to two photo exhibits of the clubs best work throughout the year.

Beginning cross-stitching classes will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 and Nov. 16.  The class will begin with a simple project that can be completed within the two-week offering.  Cross-stitching is a needle craft using a special cloth called Aida cloth.  A pattern is used showing which color of thread to use making an “X” to form the design.  Please call 845-2811 to sign up or e-mail kelly.dockter@uky.edu to ensure we have enough materials.