Pool issue will not be forgotten

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By The Staff

Now that it is June (the month that the Eminence City Council voted to reopen the swimming pools), I thought it would be important for citizens (voters) to know the actual facts, not rumors, not politicians spin, about what happened to the pool project.

• The four council members who voted to “pull the plug” on the pool project had previously campaigned to reopen the pool.

• The council voted six different times to support reopening the pool. (Please see Eminence “minutes” online.)

• The council voted to; set up a special account for pool repairs only, accept money from the public, (including the children’s money), create a pool commission, move approximately $180,000 from non-committed excess funds (approved by the city clerk) to the pool repair fund, apply for a $150,000 Land and Water Conservation Grant and award a binding competitive bid for repairs to a contractor.

• Making Waves, a community organization collected more than 900 signatures of support and raised $27,000 in just six weeks. All of the $27,000 was deposited into the city’s special pool repair account.

• The Pool Commission had received pledges from numerous contractors and government agencies to rebuild the bath house at no cost to the city.

• The county pledged $2,500 and offered to sign an inter local agreement to help with the project.

It was a beautiful Mayberry story that was destined for a happy ending.

So what happened to turn this story into the Twilight Zone affair?

Some of my friends say that building a new state of the art firehouse became a priority. Still other friends say that the few families that believe they control what happens in Eminence got the negative crowd together and forced the council to kill the project. And then other friends believe it was simply about who was going to get attention and credit for the project. I agree with my friends!

Many of you have expressed anger and frustration over the council vote and want to take action. I recommend that you express your anger to others, including the council, and focus on the upcoming November city council election.

This is one election that represents a real chance to move families and children up to the top of the city’s priority list where they belong and to elect council members who believe that your word is your bond and not just a monthly $350 pay check!

Making Waves is committed to putting the same energy into this upcoming election that it put into the pool project. Our community and children deserve no less!

If we don’t stand up for our children, our children don’t count!

See you in November!

Manda Gingrich

Making Waves