Pool will be great for kids, city could do more to raise money

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By The Staff

The pool is going to be a great thing for the kids. Hopefully all Eminence kids will be able to enjoy the pool and concession stands this summer. The Eminence City Council and Mayor will probably make the decision as to how much the admission fee will be and the rules of the season passes.

There is speculation that cost will be a $2 admission fee for kids over a certain age. A $2 admission fee will present major problems for some families due to unemployment and the economy being so tight. Most family budgets don't allow for the admission fees. There can not be anything worse for a young kid than to not be able to go to the pool with the rest of the kids because their parents didn't have the $2 everyday admission fee.

Now what can the city do to raise more money so the kids can get into the pool for free and maybe help finance lots of other city costs?

I suggest a city sales tax of one cent per dollar. This tax should be separate from any other tax. This sales tax should not be on gasoline or anything to do with transportation.

This city sales tax of one cent per dollar with gasoline and oil exempt should not hurt anybody financially. If you spent as much as $20 in a particular business that would be only 20 cents that would go to the Eminence kids of all ages. A good thing about a tax of this kind is a lot of money will come from people who don't live in Eminence and are just passing through.

If the Mayor and City Council does accept and vote on this suggestion, why not name it: The Eminence Youth Administration.

Two good Council members to be in charge and assist Mrs. Doane in accountability of the Eminence Youth Administrations Affairs proposed should be: Richard Thomas Jr., and Treva Browning.

A person could go on and on about the good that the revenue form this tax will have on Eminence.

Tom Boyer