Postmark change not welcome

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Anyone who has sent or received a Christmas/holiday card that was routed through the Bethlehem Post Office this year most likely noticed something different compared to previous years.
Since 1947 the iconic image of the three Wiseman following the Christmas star has adorned any card that came through the Bethlehem Post Office. Local folks and even those from around the world send their cards just to have this special stamp appear on their cards. 
This year however, anyone wanting this historic stamp will be sorely disappointed.
Why? For an unknown reason, not even identified in the article written in the Dec. 17th issues of the Local, the Bethlehem Post Office changed the stamp. This year, instead of the Wiseman following the Christmas star, the Christmas/holiday cards are stamped with a new stamp that reads “Bethlehem Station.”
This new stamp is nowhere near as charming, historic or traditional as the old one. To quote Tom Riner, who was quoted in an article written by Jack Brammer of the Lexington Herald Leader in 2011, “This means a lot to me. Our children used to sit around this table and help stamp ours cards from this very important place.”
I have lived in Bethlehem, KY my entire life and each Christmas I make out my cards and take them to the Bethlehem Post Office just to get the stamp of the Wiseman following the Christmas star put on them. If I did not want this stamp, I would take my cards to Pleasureville or Eminence.
I am extremely disappointed and upset that the post office made this change. After talking with other members of the community, I know I am not the only one who dislikes this change.
I hope that they will speak up and maybe, just maybe, next year our cards will have our stamp grace their envelopes again.
— Olivia Herrell, Bethlehem