The predictable 10 percent

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By The Staff

There is a law of human nature that says at least ten percent of the people in churches, families, clubs, or at work are always "negative" about plans, projects or ideas.

They are the people who say, "Yeah, he can walk on water but that's because he can't swim."

Resistance, rumor and ridicule are what they practice.

But no project or plan, even if it's a positive plan for the children of our community, can be successful if we become distracted by the ten percent.

That has been the key to the community's progress in bringing summertime recreation to our children by reopening the Eminence swimming pool.

We are the little engine that could and we don't take our eyes off the goal.

Even though a few in our community may not see the wisdom of providing recreation for our children, thank God a vast majority does. Just remember, the city council has voted four different times, unanimously to support the pool reopening and they deserve a huge thank you from all of us! And, of course, we thank you for your continued support.

f you have any questions please call: 502-321-7643.

Manda Gingrich,

Making Waves chairperson Eminence