Protecting military voters

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I want to thank Allison Lundergan Grimes for standing up for Kentucky’s military. Our military members make tremendous sacrifices to protect our rights and they deserve our best efforts to preserve their right to vote. It’s refreshing to see an elected official making that effort. I hope members of the General Assembly will join Secretary Grimes in standing up for the military and pass Senate Bill 1 as it was originally filed.

Senate Bill 1 is an opportunity to protect the rights of our military voters. As it was originally filed, Senate Bill 1 would give military members the time and means necessary for their votes to be counted. The senate committee chose to water down the bill, the watered down bill doesn’t go far enough to help military voters to return their ballot on time. Our military deserves better than this. Please join me and contact your legislators encouraging them to return Senate Bill 1 to its original form.

Jimmy Pollard