Public Record for the week of May 7, 2008

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By The Staff


Robert Anthony Grigsby, 44, Eminence, and Crystol Lea Grigsby, 31, Eminence.

Property transfers

Shelt C. and Pearl Evans, Campbellsburg, to Eric F. and Tammy C. Martin, Campbellsburg. Property at 2712 Hillsboro Rd., Campbellsburg; $134,900.

James A. Eldridge, Connie L. Eldridge and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2005-OPT3, Asset backed Pass-Through Certificates, by Joseph S. Yates, Master Commissioner, New Castle, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Series 2005-OPT3, Asset backed pass-through certificates, Irvine, CA. 8143 Port Royal Road, Port Royal; $79,000.

Allene Brent, Shelbyville, to Sue Barnett, Turners Station. Lot No. 7, in Spring Hill Subdivision, New Castle; $87,500.

Ronald and Peggy V. Bryant, Pleasureville, and Thomas and Mary E. Bryant, Pendleton, to Dwain and Yvonne Moore, LaGrange. Tract B of the Bryant Farm Division, containing 18.078 acres; $75,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Lewisville, TX, to Gilbert H. and Patricia A. Burke, Pleasureville. Property in Pleasureville; $19,000.

Daniel L. and Mary Ann Seeman, Pleasureville, to Victor Ray Fallis, Pleasureville. Lot No. 2 of the division of lands of Victor Flournoy Fallis, Pleasureville; $18,500.

James Edward and Lisa A. Medley, Turners Station, to Sue E. Barnett, Turners Station. A tract of land in Henry County; $2,700.

Sue E. Barnett, Turners Station, to D. Berry Baxter Title Trustee, New Castle and Sue E. Barnett, Turners Station. Two parcels of real estate to be merged. Fair market value of merged property is $163,200.

Harold D. and Judy C. Stivers, Pleasureville, to Rebecca Houser, Eminence. A tract of Land in Henry County; Fair Market Value is $129,800.

Joseph E. and Rebecca M. Richardson, by and through their Power of Attorney, Robert L. Brown, to Cline S. and Jamey D. Carter, Campbellsburg. Tract No. 19 of the Perry farm; $12,067.45.

Sidney R. Clements Jr., and Martha E. Clements, Lockport; to John Mark Clements, Lockport, and William Reed Clements, Frankfort; and Janet Lee Clements, Lockport. One-half interest in the residence on Tract No. 1 containing 120 acres, more or less, to John Mark Clements and William Reed Clements; Love and Affection, fair market value of property is $190,700.

Mary Hackett, Frankfort, to Clyde and Brenda Sholar, Pleasureville. A house and lot situationed in Henry County; $17,225

George E. Diven Jr., and Kay Diven, Pendleton, to Janet Stinbruner, Pendleton. Terms of order of Trimble Family Court, a house and lot west of New Castle; fair market value is $68,000.

Robert L. and Laverne New, Eminence, to Ruth Ann New Fitzgerald, Shelbyville, Bradley New, Pleasureville, and Brent New, Pleasureville. Lot No. 12 of Keeland Acres Subdivision in Henry County; Love and affection, fair market value is $78,900.

Phyllis Herrell, Shelbyville, and Waldine Stivers, New Castle, to Edwin Allan and Mary L. Bryant, Eminence, and Ralph Levi and Terina S. Bryant, Eminence. Property located in Henry County; $60,000.