Quilting is a heritage skill

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By Cathy Toole

This past Saturday, 4-H’ers learned a skill that has been part of Kentucky’s heritage for hundreds of years.
Designing and making beautiful quilts is just one skill Kentucky is known for. To help pass on this skill, six 4-Hers learned the basics of quilting by making a 12” by 12” block wall-hanging.
The quilt blocks had four squares. Two of the blocks were formed by sewing four smaller squares together and then joined with two larger squares. There were a variety of fabrics to choose from and participants soon learned that placing the fabric pieces in a pattern that pleased them was a lot like putting together a puzzle. The trickiest part was keeping all of the seam allowances at only ¼ of an inch.
All of the participants have been a part of the 4-H sewing club, so they know the basics of sewing, but trying to keep everything so perfectly straight was a little challenging.
To sandwich all of the layers of the quilt block together, youth used the tacking thread and tied the thread into knots every few inches. The completed projects each looked so different, even though each person used the same pattern, which is part of the fun of quilting. This “Make It and Take Project” has allowed these youth to complete their first fair entry.
I want to thank the adult leaders who did such a great job with helping the youth complete the projects with such success: Marcia Potts, Faye Kourthouse, Iris Brown, and Alice Newman.