Reader questions timing of project

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It’s amazing how things get done when it’s time to get re-elected. For years, a ballfield has sat empty, with just a backstop in place.

It seemed to me that nobody cared whether or not it got any use for the kids in this county.

I personally ran the girls softball program at the park. With 16 total teams!

Using two fields and sometimes just one. Not just games were played, also practice had to be scheduled. We managed, but with problems.

It was some of the best times.

I am glad to see the field is finally in process, so that it can be used as intended.

But I can’t help but see the timing of it all.

What happened last year or the years before that?

Did all the kids in Henry County just start playing ball again?

I hardly think so.

It seems to me that it’s more about your vote, not so much about the use of the ballfield.

Using kids to achieve your vote is dirty politics.

If this is not the case then why wait until now? 

I know you will come up with several reasons why you waited on this project. And I’m sure you will. 

But rest assured, judge-executive, I have no problem figuring out your pitch.

That’s what makes it so simple to hit.

—Ronnie Stephens, New Castle